• Agriculture Insurance
  • Aquaculture - Fish / Livestock - Cattle Bloodstock - Horses (polo, Racing or Breeding)
  • Bancassurance
  • BBB – Bankers Blanket Bond
  • Bonds (Performance bonds or Bid bonds, Advance payment guarantees)
  • Credit Card Insurance Programs including protection of purchases & financial default of payment on credit card balances (not just life insurance).
  • Energy Risks whether Offshore or Onshore (Operational or Construction risks), being upstream, midstream or downstream.
  • General Third Party Liability programs (Quota Share or Excess of Loss)
  • ​Health/Medical Insurance on Facultative or Treaty basis (Proportional and Non Proportional)     
  • Jewellery / Jewellers Block, Fine Arts & Antiquities
  • Life Insurance (Group & Individual), Credit Life and Traditional Life
  • Marine – Hull, Cargo and Liabilities including also Transits of all natures including to Iraq also.
  • Mobile Phone Insurance
  • Mortgage Indemnity Guarantee Insurance (MIG) (nonpayment of housing loans) & Non Payment of other type of bank loans (car loans, etc) (financial default, not just life insurance)
  • Motor Treaties (proportional or non-proportional basis).
  • Personal Accident and Travel Schemes – standard and special for professional sports persons, those with hazardous occupations or doing hazardous activities or sports in addition to sabotage & terrorism
  • Political Risk Insurance: Such as CEN risks (Confiscation, Expropriation and Nationalization and can extend for ‘pure’ nonpayment)
  • Professional Indemnity, D&O or E&O – Engineers, Architects, Medical Professions
  • Property All Risk including standalone perils, Machinery Breakdown, Engineering/Construction
  • Special Risks (event cancellation insurance, non-appearance …etc)
  • Trade Credit Insurance + Contract Frustration (Non-payment, Non-honouring of Letters of Credit etc) + other types of nonpayment (nonpayment of rent etc)
  • Treaty Bouquets (Quota Share or Excess of Loss Programs)
  • Unemployment Insurance including default on loan payment.
  • War, Terrorism, Sabotage, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions ... etc. as standalone cover (or part of a program).

The brokerage division is headed up by Sameer Gammoh. Mr. Gammoh has nearly 30 years of broker experience. The entire brokerage division is comprised of individuals that have dedicated their careers to Specialty Risks.

The brokerage division focuses mainly on Specialty Risks. These risks require a level of expertise and experience only our team can provide. It is the brokerage division's decades of experience and contacts that enables them to get the very best value and protection for our clients.